about us

Come try our Chicken

With chicken leading the menu, you would expect nicely-seasoned chicken wings, and that’s what you’ll get! Another menu leader is the Chicken Kabob Wrap, with big chunks of charbroiled chicken breast, feta cheese, lettuce, and tomato with Greek dressing.

What makes us special

Eat-in diners can appreciate the urban feel of the place with City Hall across the street and people-watching to do through the large windows. The restaurant has plenty of tables, is clean and cheerful, and guests love the “Chicken-o-bilia” displayed in a curio case we call “The Chicken Coop,” including the original the yellow and green Chicken N Chips sign.

We have a big menu, with a hamburger and some seafood included, but for the most part, we are about chicken, chicken and more chicken!

Many of the customers comment “We thought we were ordering small portions?”, but Chicken N Chips has a very generous definitions  of a “small” serving,” explained Owner Jim Udice.

“Nothing is pre-made, everything is cooked  to order, so we remind guests that it may take 5 – 10 minutes for their food to cook”.
Hands down, our customers’ favorite is the Chicken Stix, which are basically upscale chicken tenders. Made with freshly-breaded, hand-trimmed chicken breast tenderloins. The outside is crispy, the inside is juicy, and they are bursting with flavor. Various sides / sauces are available to add some adventure.