Bored of the Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey? Try Chicken!

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Sometimes it can be a bit stressful to find the perfect turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. You drive all the way to the market only to find out that they are once again sold out. However, you can’t let this toss you out of the holiday cheer as there is another option for a holiday meal around poultry. Chicken-n-Chips is your go-to place for everything chicken; we even offer delivery! Why not give it a try this Thanksgiving?


Why Choose Chicken Instead of Turkey?

Put simply, chicken is much easier to make than Turkey. Chickens are smaller than turkeys which means that it will take less time to cook in the oven. Most people will even say that chicken is tastier, easier, and makes a more successful party. 


Protein Battles

If you are looking to find the healthier choice between the two, a lot of the time, chicken is again the way to go. Chicken breast has slightly more protein in it than your average turkey breast. The same goes for chicken legs wings having more protein than turkey. However, turkey thighs contain more protein than chicken thighs.


Don’t Feel Like Cooking?

Chicken-n-Chips offers an expansive menu containing everything chicken. We have buckets, full dinners, family meals, fresh wings, chicken salads, and more to guarantee something for everyone in the family. We even have a wide selection of catering options for more significant events and gatherings, such as a nice Thanksgiving dinner. You get to decide between bone-in chicken, chicken stix, wings, salads, and Jojo potato trays. 


About Chicken-n-Chips

We love chicken, can you tell? Our crew at Chicken-n-Chips is all about it just as much as they are all about keeping the atmosphere clean and cheerful. In addition to our extensive menu for chicken, we also serve seafood and burgers and a couple of dessert options. We want our guests to feel at home and be welcomed with open arms and generous serving sizes that will leave you thinking, “I thought I ordered a small?” So visit us today at our Nashua location or call (603) 943-5840 to place an order for delivery.