It’s All About the Chicken, Of Course.

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September is National Chicken Month. Yes, an entire month dedicated to the chicken – quite the honor. Here at Chicken ‘N Chips, one of the best restaurants in Nashua for a chicken fix, we’re taking this time also to honor the chicken. Because, well, without them, where would we be?

Here are ten fun facts that you may – or may not have known about the chicken.


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Be kind. Chickens outnumber humans.

While we couldn’t drum up recent facts, the last world count for chickens was taken in 2011. At that time, nearly 19 billion chickens were roaming the Earth – over twice as many humans.


Alektorophobia is real.

Like anything, there is always someone who fears a specific thing. Alektorophobia is the fear of chickens and is often cured with cognitive-behavioral or exposure therapy.


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Chickens set records too.

While the average hen lays one egg per day, the record number of eggs laid by a single chicken in one year is 371.


You must eat with your hands in Georgia.

In 1961, Gainesville, Georgia, passed an ordinance making it illegal to eat fried chicken with anything but your hands.


How’s your memory?

Did you know that a chicken can recognize its name as well as remember up to 100 faces?


Chickens need plenty of sleep.

Like humans, a chicken requires at least 6 (but prefers 8) hours of sleep each night. It comes as no surprise, though, since most of their day is filled running and playing with their mates. Further, while they sleep, chickens experience REM and dream just like we do!


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Vegetarians can enjoy the flavor of chicken.

We get it; poultry isn’t for everyone. If this is you, be sure to check out the wild Laetiporus said to mimic the flavor of chicken. A perfect solution for vegetarian chicken noodle soup!


Cloudy yolks are good yolks.

So many of us are accustomed to store bought eggs that provide a uniform appearance. However, most of these are weeks old by the time they reach your home. So, if you buy fresh and the white is cloudy, don’t worry! A cloudy white means the egg is fresh.


Super Bowl Sunday is for chicken wings.

Over 100 million pounds of chicken wings are consumed by sports fans during Super Bowl weekend. If you think that’s impressive, annually, Americans consume around 8 billion pounds of chicken.


Celebrating National Chicken Month

Now that you’re filled with fun facts about the chicken, it’s time to pay honor and celebrate National Chicken Month! Stop by Chicken ‘N Chips during September to experience Nashua’s best keep secret.

When it comes to restaurants in Nashua, Chicken ‘N Chips is a local favorite. From chicken to our famous Jo Jos, our menu never disappoints!


Visit Chicken ‘N Chips today at 12 West Hollis Street.