Time For Delivery: 5 Facts About Fried Chicken



We can all agree on one thing…that fried chicken is delicious. But, we can also agree that sometimes delivery is the best way to receive your dinner. Chicken N’ Chips has the freshest, and best quality fried eats around. From our staple Chicken Stix to potato salad, we have all of your favorite American classics cooked to order for delivery! 

That said, even with the majority of Americans enjoying fried chicken, a surprising amount knows very little behind the meal. Because we love chicken and our customers, here is a fun-filled article just for you! Besides, it’s always good to have a little trivia night knowledge tucked away. Enjoy!



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1. First Fried Chicken Recipe


The first-ever fried chicken recipe to appear in a book was published in 1825! The book “The Virginia Housewife, Or Methodical Cook” was written by Mary Randolph. Mary ran a boarding house, and her brother was married to Thomas Jefferson’s daughter. 


Surprisingly, her book is also considered the first cookbook ever to be published in America! It also shows how little has changed in the recipe itself. Mary’s recipe involved dredging chicken pieces in flour, sprinkling it with salt, and deep-frying it in lard!


2. Fast Food


Up until World World Two, fried chicken was considered a food for special occasions. As time passed, it transitioned to something that would be a dinner option a couple of times a week. Currently, it is so popular that there are restaurants all over the country ready to serve up a hot plate full of fried chicken! 


3. We Eat A Lot!


According to the United States National Chicken Council, the average American ate about 28 lbs of chicken each year. Whereas nowadays, the average American eats almost 99 lbs of chicken each year! That’s a lot of birds!


4. Not All Chickens


Not every type of chicken is suitable for frying! All the chicken you’ll find available in stores and restaurants are broilers. These birds have been bred specifically for cooking! 


5. Global Phenomenon


Does it surprise you that fried chicken is a global treat? KFC made the traditional Southern fried chicken popular across the world. In Japan, a bucket of fried chicken is the standard for Christmas day celebrations!



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