National French Fry Day? It’s Time For Our Jo Jos!

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So, you call yourself a connoisseur of french fries. But have you ever the delicious Jo Jo fries from Chicken N Chips? These potato wedges will bring your idea of fries to a whole new level. Plus, we have some of the best fried food in Nashua. What’s better than that? Let’s celebrate National French Fry Day with our tasty Jo Jo fries! 


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July 13th – National French Fry Day


The classic American staple food: french fries. There are so many styles, seasonings, and sauces to make that a standard favorite for everyone. One of the most fantastic things about the versatility of potatoes is the creativity they can bring to the table. You can make simple, straight-cut cajun fries to high-end-style truffle fries. Thus, there’s something that satisfies your craving for every occasion!


What’s a Jo Jo?


A Jo Jo fry is similar to a potato wedge, but many fans will tell you that they’re entirely different. These thick-cut fries are shaped like pickle spears and seasoned to perfection. But the real difference is the cooking process. Unlike other types of fries, Jo Jos are cooked in the same pressure fryers as the chicken they’re often served with. Why? Well, it gives them a crispy outer layer and a soft, delicious inside, similar to a baked potato! Plus, you’ll taste the slight-chicken flavor that brings the whole Jo Jo together.


Where did they come from?


Where did Jo Jos come from? Well, it’s a funny story. There’s a lot of debate about where Jo Jo style fries were first developed! But the first mention of Jo Jos is thought to be back in the 1960s. Most people can agree on one thing; they started in the midwest. Nowadays, you can find these fries at food trucks, deli counters, sports bars, and restaurants across the Pacific Northwest. 


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Best Food in Nashua


It’s time to stop by Chicken N Chips for the best fried food in Nashua! We can serve up some piping hot Jo Jo fries to celebrate National French Fry Day! Please stop by our location at 12 W Hollis St, in Nashua, NH.