What Is It About Those Jo Jos That We Love?

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When it comes to restaurants in Nashua, there is only one serving up the best Jo Jo’s in town – Chicken ‘n Chips. With such a title comes the requirement of knowledge and great responsibility for delivery. Because we’re the best (no, we are not tooting our own horn, we’ve been told so), our chefs understand these responsibilities. And while our customers savor the signature Jo Jo’s by the bucket, we want to take this time to provide you with an inside look.


Yes, this article is dedicated to everything Jo Jo’s. You can thank us later.


What is a Jojo Potato?

For those of you who have never savored the best Jo Jo’s in town, let us first explain. The Jojo potato is a thickly sliced potato wedge seasoned to perfection, deep-fried, and served with various dipping sauce. In other words, a really chunky french fry with a massive kick of flavor.


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Why do we call these things a Jo Jo?

Good question! If you take a trip down history lane, you’ll find Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, experimenting with the potato as early as the 1940’s. However, figuring out exactly why they are referred to as Jo Jo’s is a bit tougher. All we really know is there are specific regions of the U.S. that always use the term over ‘potato wedge.’

In fact, states such as Oregon insist that Jojos and potato wedges are entirely two separate food items.



What makes them so darn good?

The answer to this question depends on the chef! However, if you’re sticking to the traditional method of cooking Jo Jo’s, you’ll find plump little potatoes fried in the same vat as chicken. Combined with unique seasonings, you’re left with a much more interesting version of the boring old potato wedge.

Perhaps, this is precisely why the best chicken in Nashua goes hand in hand with the best Jojo’s in town as well …. Hmmmmm.


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When it comes to Jojo’s you’ll find that people take the issue very serious. From the way the potato is cut to the finishing seasonings, every last detail counts. Here at Chicken ‘n Chips, you can count on our team for the best, most authentic Jo Jo’s in town. As one of the best restaurants in Nashua, we take great pride in feeding our community only the finest quality meals delivered with consistent mouth-watering goodness every time.

But don’t take our word for it, stop in today and experience our famous Jo Jo’s for yourself!